5 Tips to Get Better Sleep

Are you struggling to get better sleep? If you are suffering from insomnia, its high time you start taking care of your sleeping habits. Getting requisite sleep has ample of benefits viz. good heart health, less stress in life, and enhance memory and helps in weight loss whereas an insomniac person repents getting all these perks. Now the question arises how to get better sleep to get all these advantages of adequate sleep. Let me take you through 5 ways that will help you in getting a good night’s sleep.

1. Make your sleep schedule and stick to it


Get your sleep schedule done; go to bed and get up exactly at the same time every single day and stick to the same schedule even on weekends, and days off. This way you will be able to fortify the sleep-wake cycle of your body and get a sound sleep. Do something relaxing if you don’t fall asleep within 10 minutes and then go back to bed once getting tired.

2. Go cozy and get comfortable


Put on your comfy clothes and get your room done for a perfect sleep. A cool, dark, and quiet place will give you the soothing environment to sleep. Room darkening shades, earplugs, a comfortable mattress, and a soft pillow can contribute to a better sleep.

3. Indulge in any physical activity


A consistent physical activity is a must to help you get in your bed as you get tired doing the workout. It also helps in promoting a better sleep. However, timing is also critical and thus physical activity should be done at the right time. If you exercise at night close to your bed time, then you might get more energized and might fail to fall asleep.


4. Limit your daytime naps


If you love to take daytime naps, then you need to limit your daytime treats to 15 to 30 minutes as these naps can impede your nighttime naps. Daytime naps are not meant for an insomniac person or for those who have poor sleep quality at night.

5. Take care of your eating habits


Have your dinner 4 hours before bed because you won’t be able to sleep when you are fully stuffed. Same goes for hunger; never skip a dinner. Also, try to drink less before going to bed else you would end up taking many rounds of toilet all night long; and this might disturb your sleep. It is a myth that alcohol makes you sleepy; yip initially it can but later on it might hamper your sleep.