Top Ten Movies for Foodies

By Jennifer Engelland

Dinner and a movie has been a date night staple for so long it’s practically a cliche, but these days, the movie is almost as likely to be about dinner as it is to be followed by it. Food movies are a full blown genre today, as legitimate (if not as prolific) as the superhero movie. As with any genre, there are good food movies and bad food movies and every now and then…a truly wonderful one. Here are ten of those truly wonderful ones, the ones that every foodie needs to see.

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Big Night stars Tony Shalhoub and Stanley Tucci as Italian American brothers in New Jersey in the 1950s. The brothers own and run a struggling restaurant with one brother, Primo, acting as chef and the other, Secondo, acting as manager. Although the food is magnificent and the brothers work hard, they are barely able to keep the doors open. As a final, last ditch, effort they sink every last dime they have into a single “big night”. It is to be a feast featuring timpano, an enormous dish of pasta, meats, cheeses, and sauce wrapped in sheets of fresh pasta and baked for hours. At this feast, Louis Prima is supposed to appear, and they invite a reporter in hopes that the publicity will save their restaurant. All of the food in this movie is beautiful, but if you are not absolutely salivating for a piece of the timpano, you have no soul.

Big Night