The Top Ways to Stay Secure Online

What is at risk?

When you visit websites, your data is transmitted from your computer to the destination computer. If the site that you are visiting does not use encryption, your data is sent across the internet in Plain Text, and a malicious person with the right access could read this traffic, and use your “IP Address” to associate this data back to you. Think of the things you do online. Your browsing history, emails (depending on what service you use), and downloads could potentially be stored, attributed to you, and those records could be traded amongst hackers.


What can I do?


1. Go Incognito

Start using your private browser feature. This cool feature lets your browser know to stop tracking your browsing history, cookies and cache, as well as information you enter on forms. This is especially useful if you’re using a public device. In today’s world where convenience is king, we get how going Incognito won’t always be “convenient”. It may cost you an extra moment to enter your information — but that’s a cheap price to pay to be safe online! Whether it’s Google Chrome’s “Incognito” mode, Mozilla Firefox’s Private Browser, or Internet Explorer’s InPrivate mode, you will have a much better chance of losing anyone on your tail fishing for private information.


2. Clear your History, Cache, and Cookies


This second point shouldn’t only be used by people with…secret vices. Clearing your cookies, cache, and history is a great habit to keep whether you’re using a private or public device. The benefit of having cookies, cache, and history stored on your device is to speed up your browsing sessions. But we’re not talking just about browser hygiene or maintaining the optimal performance of your browser here. The name of the game is “You never know who else is looking”! Complete strangers are out for your “cache”. An incident occurred back in 2013, where a big-name search engine and email brand lost details of more than one billion accounts to hackers. You’re curious to know how, right? It was the cookies, and it’s always the cookies that get you. This incident tarnished that power house’s reputation so badly that they never fully recovered. In the same way, becoming prey to thefts like this can easily cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.


3) Subscribe to a Virtual Private Network Service


Yes, while it’s never a bad idea to clear your cache and browsing data, and use the incognito mode, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is easily the safest and best option on the market today. VPNs promise to save users the hassle of sacrificing convenience for privacy while guaranteeing you more peace of mind than any other tip possibly can. VPN is revolutionizing what it means to be secure online, and you cannot afford to go without it! But what exactly is this “VPN” stuff?

To explain it in the simplest way we know how, picture a movie scene where the good guy is being followed on foot by a platoon of hitmen. This good guy is you, and you really need to shake them off your tail, but you don’t want to harm any innocent bystanders in the process. So, what do you do? We’ll tell you what you do. You quickly dart into a nearby tunnel to break the hitmen’s line of site and in one easy breath you change your appearance at a conveniently located costume shop nearby. Before you know it, you’re out of the tunnel and no one recognizes you, including the villainous hitmen who just lost your scent. So, you see? That’s what a VPN does. In the same way every car on the road has its own license plate, every computer using the internet has its own ID called an IP Address. The VPN is able to mask that IP address, making it near impossible to track or even to keep up with! Imagine that! This goes several steps ahead of merely hiding or cleaning up searches. The VPN is what makes you the good guy that gets away, every single time.

Still, not all VPNs are born equal. In every class sits one student in a class of their own. That’s why “My name is Bond…James Bond” is known as our favorite secret double- “O” agent! And that’s why you’ve read this far. You are looking for your 007 to keep you safe online, which is why we recommend “Ivacy VPN ”(aff link). Available for literally any Operating Software (OS) on the planet, Ivacy VPN(aff link) promises true internet freedom with over 450 servers around the globe, easy-to-use smart features, meeting the demands of any surfing protocol, giving you military grade protection and complete anonymity and to make it virtually impossible for hackers to steal your info. With the fastest VPN service available to you for less than the price of a sandwich, you will love this amazing monthly service, which comes with unrivaled 24/7 customer support, and a 30-day money-back-guarantee (in case you prefer that sandwich with a side of possible identity theft over absolute safety by the 30th day). Ivacy is raising the standard of privacy and security. There is no business, school, organization, townhome, apartment, family, or person that is safer without it. And the crazy thing is, there is more!


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