Sleep Like a Baby with These Natural Sleep Tips



Many of us have trouble sleeping. Some of us can’t fall asleep, some of us wake throughout the night. It might be medical problems, like pain or bladder control. Maybe you are worried about money or health.

Ironically, losing sleep has a diverse effect on our health and our work. We can’t think clearly or focus. We forget things and make silly mistakes that can have long-lasting damage.

It can affect our mental and physical health, sometimes, without us even realizing it. It’s so important to get sleep, but sometimes so hard to get it.

While we can’t help you with your money problems, we can give you some excellent tips for helping with your insomnia. You don’t need pills or medication. You just need to learn to let yourself fall asleep.


Give Yourself a Bedtime

What am I, 5? Yes. Getting yourself into a routine will help you get to sleep faster and help you sleep better. First, pick a time and stick to it. About an hour before the actual bedtime, start to power down. This means keep the lights lows and the noise to a minimum, if possible. Start turning off all your gadgets, tv, phone and computers.


Try a hot bath with nice scented oils or body washes. Certain scents, like lavender with help you relax. Leave all your gadgets out of the bedroom. Turn them off overnight so they don’t distract you. It’s common for people to reach for their phones or tablets when they can’t sleep.

If you have family or other people living in the home, you need to try to get them on the same schedule. This will become routine for everyone. Make time to prepare any lunches or meals for the next day, ensure all your homework is finished and spend the last hour before bed relaxing and getting your mindset into the idea of going to bed.


Diet and Exercise

It sounds like something skinny, healthy people say, but oddly enough, it works. Too many of us have sedentary lives and spend a greater part of our day sitting. The fact is, those who have physical jobs or spend a lot of time being active sleep better.


First, try to cut out junk food and foods that are just empty calories. It doesn’t mean you can never have potato chips or ice cream again, but try to limit it to once a week. Too much sugar salt and other additives cause all sorts of physical and mental problems.

Try healthier snacks and avoid eating heavy foods or full meals before bedtime. This causes pain, indigestion and can cause other health concerns, as well. Raw vegetables are far healthier and still provide a satisfying crunch.

Pack a lunch from home to take to work or school to avoid eating fatty fast food. It’s full of sodium and other ingredients, like MSG, that can interrupt your sleeping patterns.

If you sit for a greater part of your day, get up from your workstation and walk around. Try going for a longer, brisker walk on your lunch break and try getting off the bus or subway a stop or two before home.

An evening walk after your last meal of the day helps with digestion and will provide exercise that increases your heart rate and get you some fresh air. Walking the dog is a great way to get exercise and increase your social life, as well.


Consider some gentle stretches, like easy yoga and meditation. It will help clear your mind and allow you to see your problems from a different angle. It’s best to not take them all to bed with you, so finding a way to leave them out will help you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep throughout the night.


Other Methods


There are other methods you can try as well. There’s a program called Insomnia Free 4 Life which can work well in conjunction with the above cures. It will also help for those who may not be able to follow a routine and have a regular work schedule.

Taking pills or medication might work initially, but it just causes a lot of problems for you down the road. Addiction is a big factor, as you get used to the pills, you have to take more and more to get to sleep.

These pills and other medications, whether prescription or over the counter, can also cause health problems, like drowsiness, headaches, overdosing and can even cause organ damage. They can also cause bad dreams and nightmares, which, while you are asleep, it’s fitful and even unsettling.

What Insomnia Free 4 Life can provide is a soothing solution for your tired mind. Experience a sound, peaceful sleep without feeling tired or drowsy, no side-effects from pills like oversleeping or harsh hangovers.


Try these CDs or audio books with hand-picked soothing sounds developed specifically to let you drift off gently and peacefully and wake up exactly the same way. Peaceful and rested.

Building on the effects of singing a lullaby to your child, the soothing ambient sounds will ease your stresses and help you relax like never before. Many people find it much easier to fall asleep with soothing music. These binaural beats will do just that.

What are binaural beats? Simply put, they are developed to interact with the brainwaves. They are used to help with pain, stress and as a sleep aid. In much the same way ambient sounds help you fall asleep, these beats are made to ease you out of your stress and send you off to sleep.

These are not new and have been used for years. Not unlike other sounds of nature, they provide soothing sounds that help you relax. If you have ever had a massage or gone to a health spa, you may have heard similar sounds being used to help you relax.

Sounds of nature, like whale song, ocean waves or birds can help us get out of our heads and finally relax. It’s as if the soothing music erases all the stresses and noises of the day and takes over. It’s difficult to have stressful thoughts with peaceful sounds filling your head.

These CD’s have 120 minutes of 12 different sounds to help you drift off and stay asleep. Once you try it, you will find it helpful every time you need to fall asleep. There is just something so peaceful and soothing about these tracks.

Ambient noise is helpful in helping us sleep. It’s like a fridge that hums all the time when it stops, we not only notice, we miss it. These audio CD’s will help you no matter what shift you work or where you are trying to fall asleep.

Perfect for the constant traveler, who had to get used to a different hotel bed every night. Different beds, different noises, it’s enough to keep anyone awake.

The results of a good night’s sleep will astound you. Particularly when you do it without pills or alcohol. You won’t face the addictive qualities and the after effects of self-medicating just to get some sleep. Discover a brand new you. You will be able to focus better at work and not nod off during that important meeting or miss your stop on the way home on the subway. Parents have been using soothing music for their children to fall asleep for years, so doesn’t it make sense for mom and dad to use it, too? It won’t bother anyone else in the house or your partner, as it’s soothing sounds will help everyone drift off naturally.


Too many of us lose sleep due to health or worry. But it’s amazing how much better things look after a full night’s sleep. Consider trying Insomnia Free 4 Life to finally move past those sleepless nights, the baggy eyes and the hard day that follows. Fall asleep naturally, wake up refreshed and forget you ever had insomnia at all. You’ll see a big difference in your work, in your health and your energy level. You will focus better, function better and become far more productive.


Try Insomnia Free 4 Life to find that elusive sleep you’ve been missing. Forget about pills and medicine and fall asleep naturally and peacefully. How much sunnier the next day will seem.


If you are still in doubt, try it for 60 days and if you are not happy, get all your money back. You can download the e-book or order the CDs. Find your sleep with Insomnia Free 4 Life and get your life back to where it belongs.






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